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The enormous growth of the strength and conditioning sector of the Australian fitness marketplace means that the need for best-in-class dumbbells, barbells, Olympic plates and racking, kettlebells and plyometric platforms has dramatically increased. People join gyms that have the best gym equipment.

SOLID FOCUS® fills that demand with a diverse, high-quality and affordable functional fitness equipment and provides gym or health club owners and personal trainers a complete solution for group fitness needs.

With excellence in design and manufacturing, SOLID FOCUS® functional fitness equipment features solid cast iron fittings, high quality, odourless rubber coatings and ergonomic integrated handgrips for safe and easy lifting and carrying, the Solid Focus range is the clear answer for strength and conditioning equipment.

SOLID FOCUS® offers superiority in staple fitness products and a wide range of optimum training tools for all facilities and applications. So if you want a gym equipment supplier that can provide everything from treadmills to dumbbells, contact us today.

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SOLID FOCUS® is one of the world's best fitness equipment brands exclusively in Australia by Leisure Concepts Australia – to help you get the right gear for the job. Get our latest catalogue